How to Measure Your Feet

How to measure your feet

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How to Measure Your Feet | Measuring your feet can be a quick and easy way to ensure the right fit for your online purchase. Read below to get the right measurements at home using simple tools: paper, pencil, a ruler, and your feet.

  • Put on the socks you will wear with the shoes you intend to buy, then place a piece of paper under your feet, stand on the paper with your weight bearing down on the foot, and trace your foot with a pencil or pen. 
  • IMPORTANT - Be sure to hold the pen straight up and down at a 90-degree angle, DO NOT angle the pen into the foot. Ask a friend for help, if needed.
  • Once you have the outline of the foot, you can use a ruler to measure the length from the back of the heel to the tallest toe. Use measurements of the longer foot.
  • Once you know the width of both of your feet, look up the brand website to find the shoe size chart then find will find your size and width. Use the wider foot when determining what width to order.  Shoe sizes and fits vary between brands.

NOTE: It is important to measure your feet every year due to possible changes in weight and structure. 


Using a Brannock device is another accurate way to measure your shoe size.  You can find a Brannock device at your local shoe store.

It’s important to note that each brand may have some differences in its foot chart. The most accurate measurement is centimeters, use the measurement to research the chart on the brand of shoe you would like to buy. 

  • DISCOMFORT- As was mentioned above, wearing the wrong size shoe is not just something you should fix by wearing an extra pair of socks or, worse yet, dealing with the pain of squeezed feet all day.
  • DAMAGE YOUR TOES - When you wear the wrong size, your big toe can be encouraged to point inward. Over time this can cause a bunion to form. It can also affect your other toes, causing them to point downward with a condition called hammer toe
  • DAMAGE TO YOUR HEELS - The rubbing and friction of shoes that don’t fit well can result in calluses on the heels and toes of your feet. 
  • LONGTERM AILMENTS - And these conditions are nothing you want to just ignore or live with since, if left untreated, you might need surgery to correct them. 

    Both of these measuring methods work great for MEN and WOMEN shoe sizes. 

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