Steel Toe Tips for Women


Jairo Rada |

Finding the right safety footwear for women can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Our latest research highlights a limited range and variety in women's safety shoe options.

But don't worry! We've put together this blog to guide you through the process and showcase the best-selling women's footwear from our online store. Dive into our comprehensive collection of women's safety footwear!

What to consider when choosing the right safety footwear for you:

Toe Cap - A quick tip when choosing the toe cap for your needs:

  • Steel toe - Highest level of protection and great for heavy industry fields.
  • Composite toe - 30% Lighter than steel toe and made of composite material (plastic) that keeps your feet from getting cold (as opposed to steel and alloy). Great option for airports (metal detector safe) and cold areas.
  • Alloy toe - The lightest option and thin composition allows for a less bulky boot. ( All Three above meet the last updated ASTM 2413 standards. Electrical Hazard Protection.)

Style - From tactical boots to dress shoes, you must consider what is best for your daily work

  • Sneakers - Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Sneakers commonly come with padded insoles that provides extra comfort for long days of walking. They are low profile shoes used for light industry jobs such as warehouses, production, and transportation. The Price range for a sneakers is between $60 - $180
  • Boots - Provide extra support for the the ankle and lower leg. They are mostly made with leather which adds protection and durability especially in outside environments. They come in low and large profile styles great for heavy industry jobs such as mechanic shops, construction jobs, security and more. A reasonable budget for a pair of boots is between $100 - $200 
  • Slip-on/Pull-on - Easy to use - no laces, easy to take on and put on - can loose shape over time due to not being able to tie to fit. Prices are between $120 and $300, and even higher

Size - Generally, women's shoes are made in standard width. Check out our blog post HOW TO MEASURE YOUR FEET to see an in-depth description of finding the right fit. 

Remember, select shoes appropriate for the surface you'll be working on. For example, if you need the robust support and durability that only a boot can offer, an athletic shoe might not be the best choice. Our safety footwear collection is at the cutting edge of technology, prioritizing your comfort and safety above all.

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